June 21-26: Dancing Through the 80s

We’re going back in time to the bright neon fashion and leg warmers to get us jazzed for the 80’s! Relive the classic rock music and jazzercise your way to health this week as Zip Zip claims his future as an 80’s tribute band legend.


June 28-July 3: Color Me Crazy

The world is full of colors and they are debating who the best is! Join in the competition to find which color is the ultimate and should reign supreme at camp.


July 5-10: Become a Knight in the Renaissance Time

Zip Zip is trying to earn his right to become a knight of the round table! Join him in his quests and you might just become one too! But watch out, there is evil afoot!


July 12-17: Zip Zip Joins the Circus

The circus came in town and the ring leader is looking for some new acts. Let’s see if Zip Zip is up for the challenge of wrangling lions, being the strongest man, or being a flying acrobat! Maybe Mr. Zip Zip could even be a ring leader himself one day!


July 19-24: Zip Zip and the Lost Boys

Zip Zip has been swept away to Neverland and now needs to help the Lost Boys as they fight off pirates. Help Zip Zip as he learns to fly and help the boys so that he can find his way back home.


July 26-31: Olympics

Zip Zip has been training away and thinks this is his year to join the Olympics! But he needs others to compete against in his journey to the gold. Join him in some challenges and let’s see who has what it takes to be the best!


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