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Day Camp Dates and Rates for Summer 2022 coming soon!

Cost includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, activities, and transportation from Winston-Salem.

Day Camp allows children 6-12 years old to experience a wide variety of activities and adventures. These are used as tools to enhance a camper’s self esteem, confidence and ability to interact with others. Children will be placed in appropriate age groups where they will play and work together in a positive atmosphere. Well-trained staff members will stay with the children and provide them with adult role models throughout the week. Day Camp is designed to offer a well-balanced variety of activities to suit the interest and needs of all ages. Our goal is to ensure a safe, positive environment where your child will continue to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually all summer long.

Questions? Contact Monica McCallum.

Teen Leadership Program

This three week program designed for young men and women 13-15 years old who have a drive to learn leadership skills. They will participate in group discussions, team building, initiatives, and challenge course participation we explore each camper’s inner potential and leadership abilities. They will also participate in service projects at camp and help with our day camp program. This will teach the importance of sharing your talents and abilities with others. And of course they will have fun enjoying the activities with their peers. We will offer the program three times. During Session 1-3, 4-6 and 6-8. The cost is $367 for member and $397 for potential members and campers may participate in one session. Please contact Monica with questions.

Day Camp Activities

* age requirements on some activities

  • Archery

  • Riflery

  • Canoeing

  • Diving

  • Lake Slide

  • Water Zipline

  • Hiking

  • Field Games

  • Sports

  • Nature Fun

  • Reading/Writing

  • V-Swing

  • Climbing*

  • Blob*

  • Pool Slides

  • Water Sports


Camp buses will pickup/drop off at Y locations everyday. Day campers must be signed in and out everyday by parent or guardian. Camp Hanes staff will be on the buses to ensure safety of all day campers. Snacks will be given to campers at 3:30pm before the bus ride home.

William G. White: Camp Hanes bus will arrive at WGW at 6:45 AM and must depart by 7:00 AM each morning. Buses will return to WGW at 5:30-6:00 each evening for drop off.

Robinhood Family Y: Bus will arrive at 6:50 AM and must depart by 7:05 AM each morning. Buses will return to Robinhood at 5:30-6:00 each evening for drop off.

Fulton Y: A Camp Hanes staff member will be in the parking area every morning at 6:50 AM to begin sign in. Camp Hanes bus will depart by 7:20 AM each morning. Buses will return to Fulton Y at 5:20-6:00 each evening for drop off.

At Camp: Drop off between 7:30-8am and pick up is between 4:45-5:30pm.