Typical Schedule

We pack a lot into our Outdoor Education Programs! We keep our participants busy learning Science/Ecology, Outdoor Adventure, or Living Skills.

Sample OE Schedules

Overnight Schedule:

Day One                                                             Day Two

10:00 AM      Arrive/Move in                     7:45 AM       Pack up Cabins

10:30 AM      Orientation                            8:00 AM       Breakfast

11:00 AM      Large group games/             9:00 AM       5th class

Chaperone meeting                                      10:15 AM      6th class

12:00 PM      Lunch                                      11:30 AM      Lunch

1:00 PM        1st class                                    1:00 PM        Depart

2:15 PM        2nd class

3:30 PM        3rd class

4:45 PM        4th class

6:00 PM        Dinner

7:10 PM        Evening Activity

8:15 PM        Campfire

9:30 PM        Head to Cabins



Two night/ three day Schedule


Day One                                                    Day Two                                  Day Three

10:00 AM      Arrive/Move in         8:00 AM       Breakfast         7:45 AM       Pack up Cabin

10:30  AM     Orientation                9:00 AM        5th class          8:00 AM       Breakfast

11:00 AM      Group Games            10:15 AM      6th class           9:00 AM       11th class

12:00 PM      Lunch                          11:30 AM      Rec Time        10:15 AM      12th class

1:00   PM      1st class                       12:00 PM      Lunch              11:30 AM      Lunch

2:15   PM      2nd class                      1:00   PM     7th class            1:00   PM     Depart

3:30   PM     3rd class                       2:15   PM     8th class

4:45   PM     4th class                       3:30   PM     9th class

6:00   PM     Dinner                         4:45   PM     10th class

7:15   PM     Evening Activity         6:00   PM     Dinner

8:20   PM     Evening Activity        7:15   PM     Evening Activity

9:30   PM     Head to Cabins          8:30   PM     Campfire

9:30   PM     Head to Cabins

**Two night schedule allows for more time at zip line and teambuilding, as well as ability to participate in Matrix, Alpine Tower, Climbing Wall and Mountain Hike