Outdoor Education

Looking for ways to energize your students? Are you looking for activities that compliment the classroom? Do you want to reward them for a job well done? A field trip to Camp Hanes is the answer. Let our staff lead lessons for students of all ages and abilities. We offer hands on classes that tie in directly with classroom lessons, develop teamwork skills, build self-esteem and are fun.

Questions? Contact Monica McCallum at m.mccallum@ymcanwnc.org.

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Teacher / Parent Responsibilities

Program Mission:

  • Provide a hands-on, safe and fun educational experience in a unique environment.
  • Strengthen the relationship between students and between teachers and students.
  • Teach lessons that enhance the North Carolina curriculum.
  • Promote within students a greater sense of independence and respect.
  • Enable and encourage students to understand and experience the relationships between themselves and the natural environment.


Why should your school utilize YMCA Camp Hanes?

We offer your students hands-on classes that complement your curriculum based on the North Carolina State Standard Course of Study for Education. Our program balances academics and recreation so your students can learn and enjoy outdoor activities. The time at camp allows students to see each other in a different setting that promotes and encourages cooperation, teamwork, and understanding of ones own abilities and potential. Teachers have the opportunity to evaluate student’s strengths and areas where improvements can be made through observation in a non-graded learning experience. Whether your group is 20 or 120, for one day or a whole week, bring your lunch or have hot meals prepared for you. At Camp Hanes, the possibilities are endless!

“Healing the broken bond between our young and nature is in everyone’s self-interest, not only because aesthetics or justice demand it, but also because our mental, physical and spiritual health depend upon it.”

Richard Louv,
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature- Deficit Disorder