Christian Leadership Conference


Our YMCA Christian Leadership conference is held at YMCA Camp Hanes in King, NC. It is a great event for all to learn how to increase the Christian mission at your branch, camp programs and community. The conference is designed to provide YMCA staff and volunteers with the tools they need in their roles as YMCA leaders and to connect with our community. 2019 dates is Nov. 15th-16th. 


Our goal is to provide a great experience for many of the staff, volunteers and friends of the YMCA so the cost for the weekend is only $25 per participant.

To register as a Y employee, reach out to your supervisor today and check out our CLC Registration Packet 2019. To register as a community member complete the registration packet above and send it in to camp with a check or call in to make a payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Amelia Johnson at (336) 983-3131 by telephone or by e-mail at

The Details

If you are interested in representing your branch and joining the CLC committee, send inquiries to Amelia.

Visit our Facebook page and watch our videos to see what a wonderful conference, learning experience and spiritual growth opportunity we can provide.